Jeanne, Pull!

I was chilling out with two nice guys from Victoria Institution. For those not familiar with Kuala Lumpur, Victoria Institution is one of the more famous boys schools near the Bukit Bintang area.

Nice Guy A: Ever since Bukit Bintang Girls School moved out, the boys have had to hang out in shopping malls there more often. I miss those BBGS girls; they had some sophistication about them. Some educatedness.

Nice Guy B: Well they’ve relocated and become Seri Bintang Utara. And they have boys now.

Nice Guy A: Yeah, but they’re like really backwater guys from villages. (If you are such an educated male from the school formerly known as BBGS, please correct us!)

Me: Oh My God! So that must be God’s way of balancing the universe.

Nice Guy B: Yeah, an ironic way of maintaining variety in the gene pool.

After dinner the conversation turned to Nice Guy A’s luck with chicks. How was it that an English-educated chick who was so meant for him was now with a Chinese-educated dude that we both know? (No offense to either but ideologies and cultures will clash.) He wasn’t exactly great-looking or rich, you know. But he was a lucky dog. Somehow it came to this conclusion:

We’re educated intelligent men. No wonder we haven’t been getting the action. It’s God’s way of balancing the gene pool.

Nice Guy A: Haha, f*** you. (Of course, being nice guys we do not take profanities in this context to lead to tables flipping.)

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I was from SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ, who is also famous for being Scrabble champs, I think. VI has the big band which won some competition overseas.


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