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I’m supposed to get some sleep but I have some work to download. Anyway here is another segment of Albert’s Tricks And Tips (or AT&T as suggested by chez1978, thanks!) or Albert’s Methods. (Yes, I’ll keep the PPS Bash for later, and the Fete De La Musique 2005 too.)

Today I’m going to teach suggest how you could smuggle misappropriately bring in a electronic device into a cinema.

Smuggling A Gizmo Into A Cinema

I was going for an advanced screening of Batman Begins. My handphone was already sealed in a numbered bag, and I kept the matching number and my SIM card out of paranoia. However, the rules also said “no recording devices” but I was lazy to keep my digicam and lazier to wait to collect it later.

So I tried my luck, acting nonchalant as the guards used handheld metal detectors. Beep! I said it could be my keys and took them out to show. Then they pointed at my bag’s handphone pouch and asked what was inside.

I showed them this analog FM radio.

Okay pass.

So I managed to smuggle my digicam. I didn’t bootleg it though; my camera can only record movies of up to 3 minutes! 🙁 Besides, I am a law-abiding citizen, yo. (Okay so I’ve smuggled a bottle of water into Stadium Merdeka but that was no big deal because somebody got splashed with alcohol instead.)

What if the head of all movie piracy, as some say, is not Uncle Ho, a Chinese entrepreneur, but an Indian fella? The guy who runs is Indian! Colonel Sanders is Japanese! One of these statements is true!

7 thoughts on “Decoy Radio

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Sarah: This is an early preview so they’re a bit stricter. I hear they have free seating in Ipoh, damn. Were you at the PPS Bash?

    Suet Li: You wait lah next time see how. Would you mind if you came in two bags?

    Andreas: You mean all this while I was never linked anywhere?

  2. Lex Post author

    I have done that before, I brought digicam into GSC and TGV, yes for previews. bleh nvr got caught!:P


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