So I did a few things the first time this year by watching Initial D.

  1. I paid for a movie. (Madagascar doesn’t count because I forgot to pay you back Azira! Ah well, have fun in Australia haha.)
  2. I watched a movie in Cantonese.
  3. I watched a movie based on an anime.

Believe it or not, my father and mother are Chinese, and so were their fathers and mothers. And so, it is merely prophetic fulfilment that I must watch this. It also buys me a chance to understand what people are talking about when they talk about Initial D the movie. I already felt left out with Star Wars 3. (I’ve watched the other 5 dammit.)

Despite being unable to speak Chinese, I assure you I am an Ah Beng. I like transparent red-lighted handphones. I had one. I speak loudly on the phone. I have danced in Warp before. I play Need For Speed Underground 2. I don’t play Initial D though, because well aiyah I play Daytona medium difficulty on automatic transmission.

So anyway, I was trying to spot Jay Chou, famous superstar. Was he the tofu delivery boy? No way. He looked like he delivered jellied cocaine instead. Damn stoned. It seems like every movie nowadays has an expressionless character (Keanu Reeves, Hayden Christensen…) Of course it can be attributed to his broody character, being abused by his father etc.

Here’s a spoiler for you: Nobody dies! That just reeks of sequel. If nobody dies, how are we stupid kids going to learn a lesson?

Hmmm, imagine what the sequel will be. Initial D2? Will the prequel (with the cool-as-tau-cheong-suay father) be Initial P or Initial R?

You: Uh, don’t they drive manual cars?
Me: Well there is this one scene where the girl puts her hand in his, and they hold hands the whole trip…

Pardon me dudes, I’m itching to play Need For Speed: Underground 2.

8 thoughts on “Initial-E

  1. sonia Post author

    Hahaha.. Ah beng wanabe. Hahaha 😛

    Anyways, yalarrr.. How come nobody dies?! 😛 Actually, if they made anyone die, that car brand image will be affected AND i think superstar’s fans would protest. Just like Infernal Affairs, and the producer had to make 2 different endings. *sigh*, movie also cam protest. =P

  2. Chapree Post author

    LOL, Takumi from the manga/anime is an expressionless guy. Jay Chou is the perfect person for it.

    In the manga/anime oso, nobody dies. What’s with u pple want to see pple dying in a movie? ROFL.

    The sequel could be Project D.

    And let’s play NFSU2 next time i stopped by the tank :p

  3. yi Jian Post author

    daytona on medium difficulty? My not-beng friend can win it on hard. What about KoF? You are not beng if you don’t play KoF! You got to say the latest KoF sucks, 1998/7 was the best, 2000 wasn’t too shabby either.

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