Masked Messages

Wearing a haze mask around town is fun, especially on the LRT. People stare at you, and you stare back at them. You feel a sense of unity with the other masked passengers.

I wouldn’t mind writing “what are you staring at?” on my mask, but that wouldn’t be catchy enough for the sesquipedalian Albert. So I was sitting around, thinking of eye-catching slogans for masks:

  • I can take off this mask. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t. (Don’t wear this on the monorail!)
  • Visit my blog at
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Wanna share my air?
  • I’m trying to quit smoking
  • You and I are not breathing the same air
  • The end of the world is here. I don’t wanna die a virgin!
  • To make sure it doesn’t come off, I use superglue. It smells nice too.
  • Smile if you’re a wanker 🙂 (yes, this was stolen from a Mambo T-shirt)

2 thoughts on “Masked Messages

  1. Jme Post author

    you’re still wearing a mask? *shakes head* labby, i’m disappointed…i would’ve thought you’d have done something along the likes of erik fearn’s scuba gear.


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