Purr Chasers

So I’ve bought quite a few things that some people might consider a waste of money, but I need it to preserve my geek sanity.

I got The Book Of Bunny Suicides and its sequel! There are, of course, many strips not shown in the online version, plus I got it for the novelty factor.

Then there’s the Su Doku For Dummies puzzle book; I chose this book because it had 240 puzzles, more than any other book of the same price. I reckon that if I had time to make a possibility-eliminating program I could make a solver.

There’s also Rock The World V the Video CD, to reminisce on the biggest Rock The World in Malaysia.

Oh and Queen – Greatest Hits I, II & III Platinum Collection, for some falsetto-inducing rocking.

The four Rubik’s Cubes on top have been featured here before, but wait, what’s that in the bottom-left corner?

Yes Kamigoroshi, eat your heart out. The 5x5x5 Professor’s Cube. (Yes I know there’s a Kinokuniya bag in the background; that’s not where I got it though. It provided better camouflage than a transparent plastic bag on the train.)

These beauties don’t come cheap (RM185, sucka) so please don’t tear any of the stickers when I’m not looking. I ordered it from a helpful toy shop in Endah Parade, who imported this, and it was the last stock. I didn’t expect the aunty to get the 5x5x5; (she asked big or small, I said both!) She didn’t manage to get the original 3x3x3 but hey! I’m not complaining of this pleasant surprise after waiting many months.

Yes, I will be excessively violent if you tear/smudge/break this cube. Heck, the same goes for my 3x3x3 cubes. It’s already hard enough to find a good imitation 3x3x3 that is smooth and not too loose.

Doing the first three layers are easy; the fourth layer edges were tricky, but I didn’t use any new moves. In theory, the old techniques could work to complete the cube (albeit very tediously), if you imagined 5 layers as 3, in groups of 1, 3, 1 or 2, 1, 2.

And you thought geeks only stare at computers and do trigonometry to make solar death rays.

8 thoughts on “Purr Chasers

  1. emily Post author

    "if you imagined 5 layers as 3, in groups of 1, 3, 1 or 2, 1, 2"


    man you are SOME geek!!! either that or i’m just too dumb….

    and that HUGE rubik cube looks darn scary!!! i can’t even solve the first ever one i got which was like when i was 8 (?)

    and trigo sucks!

  2. aprilcherrie Post author

    feel happy for you lar… will try see whether i can find anything special from other countries or not :p

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Syefri: Rock Corner, 1 Utama.

    aprilcherrie: Yay!

    Emily: I was lazy to make a picture to explain what I meant, so yeah. Woohoo I can do it in 19 minutes!

  4. bobby Post author

    dude, i got the VCD too….and if u watch really closely, u can see jeniffer and me in the VCD for a short while….it was (if I’m not mistaken) during Singletrackmind

  5. Edrei Post author

    Haha…you have that, I have the 4x4x4 one and the original 3x3x3. Together we can impress the hell out of any LRT passengers. 🙂


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