My Office Desktop!

It’s time again for me to show off, so check out my cool Office Desktop! It’s also linked from my About Me! page!

How’s my life? Life should be good. It’s the holidays. So why is it not good? Life is not good because the perception of you that everyone has agreed upon has finally dawned upon you. You may think you’re a saint, but when people assume you slaughter goats, you have to take action. You may think the line is drawn a mile away from where you are, but you might need your eyes checked.

In my case, it finally dawned upon me, seriously, of my arrogance. My deliverance of certain sentences, with certain intonations, give the impression that was not intended. To say that I sometimes don’t intend it either would be a lie. For once, the deadpan sarcasm I once looked so high upon has betrayed me. I used to think deadpan sarcasm and a straight face was funnier than a punchline done with a smile. Sure, the joke told may be of more humorous value, but most people don’t get my jokes. 🙁

I have to rant. At least I didn’t jump out of the psychiatrist’s office window.

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