Singgah Sore

So I’m back from Singapore. Yes that’s right – Albert has never stepped a foot out of his beloved country before. I didn’t intend to tell many, in hopes somebody would call me and get charged a lot. 😀

My fellow Malaysians greeted my return by showing their wonderful side:
1) A money changer told me that Singaporean coins were at a different exchange rate. I thus lost 60 sen there.
2) A burger stall man did not give my change until I pointed out that it was a 50 sen and not a 20 sen coin I paid.
3) A man squashing up the queues to get on the bus reached into my front-left pocket and tickled me. Well, he didn’t reach behind, so we wasn’t trying to cop a feel. 🙁 And no, he didn’t manage to pickpocket anything. His hand was tickling me for a rather long time, too. So beware pushers!

Bandwidth-eating pictures will come later.

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