BluInc, XOXO!

So I was at Sunway Pyramid, watching Chicken Little, then helping Leech get free calendars, while waiting to watch The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. In between freebie-grabbing time, we grabbed pictures of XOXO models.

Technical terms: I shot most of these at Shutter priority, no flash, ISO 50, 1/125 seconds (so it wouldn’t have to evaluate) and manual focus set at infinity (so it wouldn’t have to hunt all the time). On a camera with less settings, just set your EV to -2. With the bright sunlamps shining on them, I did not have to use flash, and capturing a sharp picture while they were walking was easy.


Confidence is sexy.

You can see how bright the lights from above were.

I recreated the effect my former Canon Powershot A400 had; dark places are desaturated.

She looks pregnant here, but I like the lighting.

Damn they are skinny.

Damn them boy scouts. How do they untie knots?


PANT PANT PANT! (Yes this picture is a bit out, but I had to put this picture.)

The hot one again.

Give that sultry pouty lost look and guys will be lost in your lips.

Maybe I shouldn’t add commentary to model pictures. I’m too heterosexual to write something correct fashionably.

4 thoughts on “BluInc, XOXO!

  1. Syakir Post author

    I love to see ur pics with all those experimentation in settings and all.. but something just clicks more with hot girls.. haha

  2. Justin Guber Post author

    Dude, that chick in black is definitely the hottie of the bunch. The first chick too. And the one with the green top and handbag? Had her in an ad we shot. Let’s just say she’s all looks and not much in the way of acting.

    Hmmm… just realized how blatantly hetero this comment is with the repeated use of the word ‘chick’. I’m sorry. I meant ‘lady’.


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