Of Skies And Stars And Hidden Badges

Tonight was going to be a night like no other.

The sun set most dramatically.

The stars called out to me.

I reached divine enlightenment. Her voices spoke to me.

Many moons I passed; once, at dusk; the other two, each an hour away from midnight.

Anyway, to cut the drama short, I was stopped by the police! (Again.)

I lay my camera (with its lens pointing up) on the ground, on a junction platform, for a 15 second exposure. (The sky was so clear, you could actually see stars in my ‘hood!) Three motorcyclists came out of nowhere, circling me like vultures.

I ran towards a nearby coffee shop.

They intercepted me before I got there. “Tunjuk IC.” (Show identity card.)

Kau dari mana?” (Where are you from?)

I said, from around here, but my IC had my PJ address. Fortunately my driver’s license had the KL address so I showed them that yes, I did live nearby.

Kenapa kau lari?” (Why did you run?)

Dudes, you guys are such excellent undercover bikers, I was scared! “Saya ingat korang ni mat motor nak…” (I thought you guys were going to…)

One of them then unzipped his jacket to reveal his uniform. Phew. A very strange sense of security indeed.

It even got to where I work, and I showed them my tag. I also showed them my moon and star pictures.

Ohhh… kau ingat kita mat motor nak samun you kah?” (Oh, you thought we were bikers intending to rob you?)

Well, thank God they weren’t. If you were a suspicious looking person up to some suspicious activity, and you saw a bunch of bikers circle you, you’d run, whether or not they covered up their uniforms! If you were innocent, you’d run too, so what’s the point of policemen being undercover?

I don’t even want to think of what would happen if they weren’t police. I should have reached the coffee shop anyway, as there were witnesses there.

9 thoughts on “Of Skies And Stars And Hidden Badges

  1. Edwin Post author

    These brainless cops causing the police credibility to drop… While some other cops are working so hard to earn the respects from the citizens.


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