Knows Block

Albyyy darling can you do me a favor?
“Er, yes, since you did write me a testimonial…”
Hey can you add this person on MSN?
“Er, why?”
Just add him, to see if he’s online.
“I’m not going to add him just to see if he blocked you…”
Aiyah, just add him, then block him…
“I don’t block people. Besides, he might Google me and since I am easily Googled, it will ruin my reputation. You know I’m famous, riiight? Just make a new email address and add him!”

It’s true, I have noone on my block list. However people have added me with unfamiliar email addresses. I have never seen them online. Does this mean that someone suspected me of blocking them, and then asked their friend to add me?

6 thoughts on “Knows Block

  1. Yuen-Chi Lian Post author

    Simply ask her to use GAIM client, you can see whether your buddy has blocked or deleted you. Other tools do as well, anyway.

  2. Mystery Wolf Post author

    GAIM’s cool. And on an unrelated note, is our webserver stuffing up? I’m so panicky, I can’t load my site 🙁


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