Fazz March

26th March 2014: Pisco Live Mic vol 2.12 featuring FAZZ!

Kevin points at a double-bass-shredding Raja Farouque, burning through the sky, two hundred degrees. Coincidentally, you could call their music Broadway-ish, that Queen draws some sounds from.


Jone on drums.

In between Fazz’s two sets was the awesome Dzamira Dzafri.

Also in between, Son Of A Policeman (SOAP).

Shredder with a cool T-shirt!

Yamaha basses always look very unique, when they are made to look unique.

Can’t remember what went on here.

Joshua embraces his macha moustache (strangely, the rest of the band did not do so customarily as they would’ve) for their to-be-hit-single, Maria.

Boom! Flash back to Fazz.

Grace on keyboards, and good morning Mister Soundman.

The crowd dances along.

Vanessa joins them on stage for one song, that she used to audition at plays with! She bears a striking resemblance to my crazy funkster friend Davina Goh.

Tim and Manny, I think.

He sang Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree and we sang along.

Mister Soundman, next. That’s not his official stage name.

Fast forward to two days later, just up the same road (Jalan Mesui) was Fazz again, this time at Table 23.

The stage was outdoors, instead of upstairs.

It was next to the bar.

Interesting acoustic set, with Farouque on guitar instead of double bass.

In between sets, Grace also strummed. They also did a cover of Karen O featuring Ezra Koenig – The Moon Song.

A Vespa, under the stairs.

Grace and the melodion.

More dancing.

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