Split In a Hurry – Bathe Tonight

Go on close the curtains
Ccos’ what you need is privacy
You know we hate your deodorants
That you wear proudly
Well we know you have tooth decay
And how I wish you were okay
So take this soap and this shampoo
Clean your deposits of goo

Bathe tonight
Your toes used to be pink
Look properly
You missed a spot I think
Bathe tonight
Brush your teeth on the sink
Cos’ otherwise
Otherwise you would stink

There’s your so-called attire
With smells of morning after
Tommorrow you’re still wearing those
Slackers I suppose
People say to you goodbye
My friend please understand why
Don’t you know you really smell
And how I wish that you could tell


Your breath repels, they all run away
You’ll wish that some, that some would stay
Don’t you know they gotta go
Don’t you wish they said hello

chorus x2

I hope that you’ll be clean
Hygienic’s what I mean
And white teeth with a sheen
That I’d like to have seen

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