Married in Brooks – Ways to Stop the Haze

I hate the haze today
It’s too thick to see
What lies so far away
It’s unhealthy
But you looked at me like maybe
It’s not bad for you or me
But I guess you’re wrong
Yesterday I coughed
Must’ve been in open air for way too long
I can’t understand why you still open burn
It’s not our turn
We can stop this too
Cos’ it starts with all of you

All I ask
Get a good mask
If you don’t you will choke on all the dirty particles
That’s polluting our air
You should dare, don’t just stare
Report open burning
You know, these are just a few ways to stop the haze

If you have gotta smoke
Laugh out loud like you just heard a funny joke
Like a thick fog
But it’s polluted air and it’s contributing to the smog
Don’t drive, take a jog
Whenever that you can
Don’t use air-con, use the fan
Where’s our clear blue skies
You may blame it on those
Forest clearing guys
It’s not all their fault
We point fingers at default


Just when you think you got it all cleared out
But seasons already changin’
You think you’re cool
You smoke you’re a fool
Instead you can car-pool


I’m choking
I’m gasping
I’ll be fainting
So you better not pollute
You know that it’s not good
Smoky factory chute
I just ain’t in the mood
You know, these are just a few ways to stop the haze

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