Politiko: 2nd Ed and Sabah & Sarawak Expansion Launch Party

26th April 2014: Politiko: 2nd Ed and Sabah & Sarawak Expansion Launch Party!

Note the super-sized Sabah & Sarawak cards!

Stephanie was all like, “are you on the list yo?” and I was like:

Tunjuk NRIC! (Thanks Azira, fellow Poligeeko and ardent gamemistress, for this picture.)

Politiko: 2nd Edition! I bought 7 initially, and sold one to Syafiq who came later. This is how I present the remaining six in a picture while also showing all sides of the deck.

Sabah & Sarawak Expansion! Same idea.

A quick look at the new cards. Also, a shot of tuak in the top.

The original first edition had wider cards, making it hard to find transparent sleeves for them. The second edition is narrower so it’s not a problem anymore, and it also has rounded corners.

Me? I just like the weathered look, so I don’t care for sleeves. It makes them easier to deal, too!

As for game mechanics – I’ll leave that commentary to the POLITIKO (The Official Community) Facebook group. I’ve not played enough rounds of the second edition and expansion to comment on the differences.

Some of the new Sabah & Sarawak cards.

Chi Too, usually seen in a sarong, was not in sarong today, because a whole bunch of hipsters in sarongs were travelling in town on the trains, and he did not wish to be associated with them. “Look at them! They wear pants underneath!”

I too, understand his predicament. I initially took the monorail, but it broke down, so I had to take the Metrobus. Keretapi Sarong? I was getting on the bus.

The sales counter, under the stairs, and Malaysiakini’s well-prepared photojournalist Koh Jun Lin.

You could also get the T-shirts, for RM40 each. Some might say steep, but I paid the hipster tax.

Upstairs, before the performances.

Mun Kao, creator of Politiko, in the middle of everything.

Kaz introduces the game and its creators.

Left: Zedeck Siew, who wrote the text, and right: Mun Kao, who did the illustrations. Game designed and produced by Centre for Artful and Useful Recreation (CENTAUR).

Brian Gomez, first act, with catchy parodies and cheeky lyrics about Malaysia. He even had a song about the Sulu Invasion!

Sattama. Very refreshing sound.

His bassist.

Andrew T. Crum chilling out with cool shades. We later had a discussion about underground hipster places and upperground hipster places. (They are self-explanatory.)

Ronnie Khoo, noise maker.

Yes, the back casing was removed, so he could get straight into some circuitry to make bleeps.

Faiq & The Manja Mob.

One cajon…

Second ukulele…

…and two guitarists sharing their love of one microphone.

Catchy, quirky music! They did an East Malaysian classic tune cover as well – Jimmy Palikat – Anak Kampung to be exact.

Although I brought the original version with me, I did not take any comparison shots until I got home. The second edition is a bit thicker, but the cards are narrower.

Size comparison of Politiko: Second Edition with the Sabah & Sarawak Expansion.

Interestingly, when put together, they form a square base.

Finally, the big picture. The cards in the left half are from the original – you’ll see I have gotten the autographs of Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, YB Nurul Izzah, Saudara Arutchelvan, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, but I have quite a few people in mind for some of my other cards. It’s not complete yet. You’ll also see that the original 10 parties were reduced to 9 (the right half is from the second edition, plus the 3 parties from the Sabah & Sarawak Expansion.)

I bought 3 more sets after, due to the popularity, and people booking it over comments in Instagram.

I have altogether 11 tuak cards (1 is in my personal deck, not shown) – I got 2 from just entering – but 9 sets, of which most have been booked already.

Politiko: 2nd Edition: RM38
Sabah & Sarawak Expansion: RM19

I am selling them together for RM50 with the limited edition Tuak Card. This is the same price you’d pay if you got it at the launch event. This is limited to stock that I bought at the event, though. Perhaps I might buy two more sets just so I can pack the 2 extra tuak cards with them, but they’d be at RM57 (still better value, because of the powerful tuak… I mean, tuak card!)

Edited: I am no longer selling the extra sets, as all of the sets with tuak cards have either been sold or reserved.

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