Dotters’ Division At Phat Barrels!

This here is a compilation of three gigs, all at Phat Barrels, Publika.

This is from the 26th of April 2014.

Melissa, lead vocals and guitar.

Linet Goh, band leader on keyboard and backup vocals. I loved their version of Radiohead – Creep, going all synthesizer-sounding like Pink Floyd.

Rebecca, drummer.

Jie Er, bassist.

Audrey Then, saxophonist.

I don’t usually bring out a wide-angle to gigs these days. This, with the Sony Distagon Carl Zeiss T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM, was for variety.

Grace Hong, ardent bootlegger.

Melissa then hopped off the stage…

…to show us this nifty wireless mike!

(Argh, out of focus.)

Everybody was to sing along to Kool & The Gang – Celebration.

Ming’s voice was particularly funny!

I think he thought it was a breathalyser.

Another wide-angle shot.

I made Grace do this. This was the week that Barack Obama was in town!

The week after, 3rd May 2014.

Besides playing bass, Jie Er is also a full-time fly collector.

What does her cap say? Ka-pow!

Melissa’s eyes are surprisingly big when she takes her glasses off.

Audrey dun sad!

The crowd is really getting into the groove.

They gotta be, when the band plays a wide-spanning mix of covers from as early as The Beatles to today…

…all evenly traversing pop music’s catalog.

This, however, is of course Celebration.


Surprise mike!

The setlist was switched up a bit…

…with some 90s hits I’d never heard them cover before…

…like Cranberries – Zombie and The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You.

Of course, these pictures are all of the same singalong. I’m just spacing out my narration between pictures.

Melissa turns around and taps the intro riff to Guns & Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine. As always, Dotters’ Division has a different take on these songs, with the solo played on saxophone and a country-style bassline! It worked awesomely.

Fast-forward to 2 weeks later: 17th May 2014.

This time I brought the widest rectilinear lens I had, the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG, for a different view. Anything on the side gets stretched ridiculously, like Kevin Ong on the right (filling in for Audrey) – both his head and guitar are stretched outwards.

Linet’s shirt is super cool, in that the guitars are anatomically correct – the fret inlays and number of frets were all correct for each guitar type, a rare case when looking at illustrated guitars! None of them had 24 frets though (indicated by the 2 dots per fret, like on the 12th fret – Jie Er’s bass has 24 frets) so my favorite Humbucker/Single-coil/Humbucker 24-fret Superstrat shape is not represented.

Looks like somebody now has the budget to dye more of her hair red. 😀

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