Things Not To Do On A Date: For Girls

1) Bring your mother along.
What if she was a MILF?

2) Go watch a kids’ movie!
If it gets preachy and boring, you’d still have to act decent. In front of the kids and parents. What more if your mother was there too.

3) Pay for an expensive meal.
What if the guy wanted to break his RM50 note? (You see, guys don’t carry around coin purses…)

(Picture put on blog without permission of Aardman Studios; I took a picture of the screen, but hey I bought the original DVD okayyy…)

4) Speak in the f-language.
Itfit isfis afanoyfoyyingfing tofoo befee refeminfindedfed offof whenfen youfoo werfer ninefine andfand girlsfirls justfust disfiscofaverferredfed thisfis. (Guys, never let them know you understand, or they’ll never stop. Also, I have reason to believe that the f-language, if I remember properly, was not supposed to rhyme; “what is” became “whatfa isfi” instead of “whatfart isfis”.)

5) Swear loudly.
Busybody Malaysians know exactly who to divert their darty eyes to. No, not the swearer. The guy.

Note: Post is written in jest and is not meant to draw reference to any events that may have happened.

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