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So I watched She’s The Man. Amanda Byrnes plays the man well in this supposed chick flick (which never really struck me as one, as was White Chicks and The Hot Chick). She played the mannerisms very well, with the flighty eyes and very male expressions. She started off delivering her lines too fast (Gilmore Girls anyone?) but got natural soon. Funny and yet observant, a good teen flick.

The football team was cool, because every member looked like a real footballer. Heck, even the manager looked like someone you’d see at the back of a newspaper! Oh and I think Channing Tatum looks like a member of boyband Blue.

Oh, and Olivia is hot. Loved her little nuances like the smirk she did when she first bumped into Amanda. Girls don’t even know they do it!

What are chick flicks? The Princess Diaries, for example. A guy would enjoy Too Fast Too Furious for the girls and the cars, because they’d look at the screen and go, wow. They’d know the cars and geek out about the spoilers and engine sounds etc. As for The Princess Diaries (2, since I didn’t watch the first), I could hear every girl in the cinema geek out as the cupboards opened, revealing tiaras and necklaces. (Just like a guy would go ooo when a drawer opens with machineguns inside.)

Chick flicks are the sensitive antithesises to action movies.

Another sure-fire indicator would be an immensely female-oriented emotional epics that do not engage the interest of heterosexual males. If it does, then it is in the category of romantic comedy. Also, chick flicks take a more sombre tone; tuning down the humor to make sure the message gets across.

A guy would immediately go on defensive upon hearing such titles like Pride And Prejudice, Sense And Sensibility, As Good As It Gets, What Women Want, The First Wives Club etc. What the heck are these movies about?!? Even if we knew that Pride And Prejudice was based on a book, we know that the book isn’t a book about cops and robbers and thus would not be enticed to watch it alone.

Come to think of it, the title itself lends a hint – an object in the title makes the deal for the object-oriented male, who would rather not deal with cryptic titles that allure to concepts, e.g. Monty Python And The Holy Grail versus Pride And Prejudice. We know damn well that when we watch it, there will be a Monty Python, and there will be a Holy Grail. We’ll see the objects on screen represented in color and shape.

Often you can identify this with a poster of two lovebirds. Not all posters with lovebirds are chick flicks; it can be identified by the tendency of the actress to have sweet smiles instead of saucy scenes. Denise Richards is a sure indicator of some hot action (with the exception of I Do (But I Don’t) where she plays a boring wedding planner, and I had the misfortune of seeing her… talent wasted like this on Hallmark.)

Oh, and any love story that shows on Hallmark is most likely a chick flick.

So why am I running off tangent from the intended blog entry about She’s The Man? Must be the chick flicks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate chick flicks; thrown into a cinema with one and I’d come up with some intelligent analysis of the movie after, I promise!

6 thoughts on “Flicks For Chicks

  1. chengsim Post author

    i’ve watched that show. i have to dragged my anti-chick-flick friend to watch that bladdy show and she really did enjoyed it in the end. then again, Amanda Bynes is getting chubbier by the year. she still looks like the same Amanda Bynes we see in Nickelodeon. hmm. they should have gave a little bitchy role to Rachel McAdams. she’s a great actress!

  2. tina Post author

    amanda bynes beats lindsay lohan and hillary duff hands down in my books. she’s more "REAL"…

    AND princess diaries is more pre-teen than chick flick laaa!

    THE best example of chick flick is the timeless "clueless"(1995)… "like, whatEVA!" *makes the W sign*.. lol.

  3. tech the super supreme being Post author

    hmm..i wonder if Reality Bites can be considered as a chick flick too. i’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like that movie…

    and yes..amanda is HAWT!!!

  4. Syakir Khalid Post author


    princess diaries 2 is a questionable commentary on proper behaviour in a relationship; cheating on your fiance is not exactly the best lesson for a pre teen. lol

    for some reason, i am in the lindsay lohan camp. maybe cause she is an alright singer, maybe it is the hair, maybe it is the sexy voice, maybe it is the boobs.. who knows?


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