That Rock Chic Gig

And now, for pictures from the Rock Chic’s Night Out, ‘A Celebration of Rock Ladies’, a rock gig featuring female performers, on the 12th of May 2006 (see I updated within this month!)

Rhapsody was first, with their non-rock inclinations leading to samba and jazz stuff. Nicole’s powerful voice and stage presence is indeed captivating.

Dipha on guitars isn’t part of their usual lineup. Sadly, I think the guitar amplifier was too loud, and his classical guitar plucking was honking in my ears.

(Irrelevant pictures might get downsized, like Lainie‘s chicken chop. Yeah, she’s the man, she orders chicken chop during a rock gig.)

Plush was next. Credits to Jasiminne for this shot of Melina and a Flying V.

The bassist looks awfully like one of my friends. (I shall start abusing Hue/Saturation/Lightness effects from this point on.)

So does the drummer Stephanie. Well, maybe.

Izwin sings alternative rock songs.

(Beer and women. Happiness.)

Jack the shredder is given a few bars per song to solo! This was the first time I’d seen Tempered Mental do that.

Melina plays bass and sings over complex time changes in what else but progressive rock. Funky thin neck effect was accomplished with slow shutter speed and flash.

Applecreed was next. Check out the lyrics!

If you run out of space, write them on the other hand.

Nah, she wasn’t referring to her arms at all. I see a place where she could write a whole song on. 😉

Blunt does No Doubt covers and ska anthems.

Yes, you can be fashionable in black and white.

Candy is a band that has been around and has had a hit single Akan Ku Tunggu.

They’re serious, with serious, non-girly guitars like this Paul Gilbert Model Ibanez.

Spot the POD! No, not an iPod.

They did some hard rock, and sadly relegated to covers, e.g. Marion Raven – End Of Me, Cranberries – Zombie and Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit. However, they rocked harder than any other male-membered band who ever tried to cover those songs!

I wonder if this is what becomes of bands that don’t retire – they probably play in pubs and hotel lounges. Paul thinks they’re MILFs. 😀

The sweet (Candy) bits were when they did Guns & Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine, wailing solos and all, and riffed together to heavy metal instrumental, Iron Maiden – Transylvania! Jangan tak rock.

The emcee was Juliana of Fly FM, and she was telling lame jokes. Yeah, your jokes don’t fly!

More reading material is at Lainie’s, like lyrics and pictures and videos!

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