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To celebrate the new links I am adding, I shall also try to throw in a paragraph.

Raymond was just a Gundam modeller before he bought a Canon Powershot A610, and suddenly he found his true calling in life – he was the macro man. That’s right, macro man. Man, you gotta see what macro man can do with macro. I sure as heck didn’t think of those, and my camera’s 5 cm macro range stops me from being anywhere close to macro man. And hey, he’s not shooting flowers flowers flowers!

Lainie is the coolest lesbian ever. Makes you wanna be one just because she’s cool. She’s got her eye on events that are revelant to making you sound relevant. No idea what to blog about? Just hop over, go to one of the many gigs she promotes, take some pictures and viola! You are credibly cultured. And uh, don’t believe her disclaimers that her information is inaccurate – has anybody came a day early or late due to her site?

While Cheng Sim switches colors every two paragraphs, she manages to do so without hurting my eyes. Yes, Jolene, I didn’t read your blog for years because of your chameleon-like text syndrome. Thank goodness somebody knocked you on your head with… I don’t know what, but it sure as heck worked, and I’d like to buy one so I can knock some bloggers on the head with it too.

Jasiminne is a good return to camwhoring, similiar to the way it was in 1999. Remember envy.nu? All the mysterious webcam shots of yore, with bra in frame? The emo poetry when Glassjaw was emocore? The Paint Shop Pro users? Livejournal usernames like xxredvixenxx (you gotta have xx on both sides.) Girls invented some 1337speak too. <3 Fast-forward to now, and we have a endangered species. Bodicea is sharp and slays philosophers. She had allure and mysteriousness in those pictures (you ain’t fooling me, I met you in real life first!)

Matthew comments enough on my blog. And look at his picture! He has a face mask! Isn’t that like Counter-Strike? Man, oh man! Counter-Strike was like, 2000 man! Yes, I am a sucker for all things nostalgic.

Slinky is uh… slinky. Tan Yee Hou blogs with a touch of scientific geekiness, which I miss reading, in this mainstream age where everyone is trying to be the next Kenny Sia. Hell, I read my archives to be reminded of how much more geekier I used to write!

Fird has an interesting layout and good solid geek-styleposts. While he does have an interestingly-placed spot for ads, his site does not have the horrid clutter of ads and links and comment lists that befall eager beavers on WordPress.

Bernard sat next to me for one whole year in Secondary School, and I’d like to thank him for further cultivating the geek in me. We made a website called Certified Maniacs, and called it our geeky way of geeking chicks. I mean, uh, getting chicks. 6 years later, we meet again, him still the skinny fart, me still the skinny fart, and we geeked out about cameras.

Asyraf Lee is a professional photographer, with some reckoning on the dark side, and some knowledge beyond the visible light spectrum. 😉 Peek in his archives for an interesting wordy read.

Finally, uh… Steph has amazing skills and trashes everyone at spotting trashcans.

11 thoughts on “Everything But The Kitchen Linked

  1. Matthew Post author

    thank you, thank you &lt;bows and actknowledges&gt;

    behind the mask lies a big secret

  2. Dr. Tan Post author

    Yeah geeks are cool man. Heheh.. Wow, you managed to write about all the links. Maybe I’ll do a links review kind of thing later on.

  3. Cheng Sim Post author

    Albert likes me..
    Albert really likes me..
    *faints dramatically*

    hey, i don’t switch colours every two paragraphs!
    *looks at the ceiling*

  4. Asyraf Lee Post author

    Eh, I got linked XD

    Thanks dude, will update my blog as soon as possible, kinda busy nowadays.

  5. Jayelle Post author

    my goodness.. i scrolled down abit and realised this.

    eh? so u never visit me for damn long adi la? after u hit other bloggers with that whatever-that-was-used-to-hit-me-with, let me hit you with it too.

    so do you visit me now?:( and issit better now???

    and u never said that we’ve been online acquaintances from the birth of xfresh:D

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    I didn’t hit you with it; somebody did, and you changed to a much more readable format! 😀 I did visit, but when you were multicolored I just scrolled through without reading. It’s a lot better now.

    That’ll be our little secret. 😉


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