What: Troubadours + Doppelganger
Where: La Bodega KL, Tengkat Tong Shin
When: 2nd July 2006, 8:30pm onwards
How much: RM5
Who: Lied, Sad Angry Babies, Sizlo and much more!

Better still, click on the flyer:

He pimps and gets pimped, so cheese him out.

Yes that’s me beneath the E in LIED wearing the shirt stim-girl gave me, chatting with Lola, Lainie‘s stalkee! The picture is in infrared, which is why you can see who bleached their hair and then tried to dye it back to black.

I finally appear in one of their flyers, but I may or may not be going; my uncle is getting married! I am happy for him, and for me as well, what with the free hotel food, right?

As for the fifth instalment of Guess That Trashcan, the winner is Cheesie! Yes that’s right, it is an IKEA trashcan. A magical trashcan indeed because it empties itself, is illuminated inside (lights sold separately) and you don’t have to clean the floor under it because it’s not on the floor! The only trash that would stay in the can would of course be chewing gum. So look for these lighted trashcans above you, as you walk towards Cineleisure.

Oh, I was supposed to pimp her?

Cheesie is funny, punny, dresses like a bunny, makes her mark on your breakfast schedule, storms the park with some cuppie noodle, lurks in the dark as a mutated poodle (or was it rabbit? Pass me a carrot!) Life is never a bore with a camwhore, so click her link for cute furry animals and more! What’s this? Please, more cheese, more corn, more pr0n from long gone!

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