Feedback Open Mic ft Ida Mariana & Quirky Qwerty @ The Bee Publika / June 2014 Edition

24th June 2014: Feedback Open Mic ft Ida Mariana & Quirky Qwerty @ The Bee Publika / June 2014 Edition. Here’s emcee and organizer Reza Salleh introducing Flip The Table. Check out that nifty Traveler Escape headless guitar!

Triblues. Three dudes playing the blues.

He sings Pink Floyd – Money and Wolfmother – Dimension!

Solid solos. The theme for the night was Singing The Blues – you don’t have to follow the theme, but the one who follows it best, and stays to the end when the results are announced, wins a prize.

I bumped into Robin Wong and Jackie Loi there (I’ve linked to their pictures from this same night), both fans of the Micro Four-Thirds camera system.

Above is my Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM next to a Panasonic Leica 25mm F1.4. My Sony Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM is the same size as my 24mm, so it gives you a good idea my full-frame lenses scale to Micro Four-Thirds lenses. (Of course, my Minolta 50mm F1.4 Original, with a 49mm filter thread, is closer to the same size as the Panasonic, but its optical quality is probably nowhere near when shot wide open compared to my Carl Zeiss.)

Below is my Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA next to the Olympus 75mm f1.8. Ironically, the Olympus gives a bit more reach!

And now, for the homecoming Ariff AB.

Sharon Chong chilling on the sofa.

Ewaz? I didn’t get his name.

Awesome, awesome singing and loops and ambient wizardry.

Towards the end he suddenly brought this out!

Black & White.

She sang Elton John – Your Song while he sang Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe. Yup, Hey Joe, a classic blues song.

Saturday Afternoon.

Danish & Natalie with a cover of John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.

Instrumental progressive rock band Black Lightbulb! Raja Farouque on millions of notes.

Simmy, on millions of notes, too.

Zaim keeping it cool. Interesting that the number of knobs matches the number of strings.

Ash on the beat.


You’d normally see her on the other end of The Bee, at the sound engineer’s console.

Ida Mariana, first featured act.

She was backed by the legendary Wan Gigi of Alcentric and John Thomas And The Phunk Mob Experience.

Quirky Qwerty, second featured act.

One interesting cover was that of Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man.

So yeah.

They normally dress up as a polka band, but in conjunction with World Cup they wore jerseys instead.


Disco rock!


Chairs crowning the table.

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