An Honest Mistake: #TheAcousticAlbum Launch + DVD Screening

5th July 2014: An Honest Mistake: #TheAcousticAlbum Launch + DVD Screening, at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s the emcee for the afternoon, Ashley Chan!

First opening act: Talitha Tan!

Checkout this guitar I borrowed yo.

Isn’t she lovely?“, she would sing.

Michael Perumal on guitar this time.

A very varied audience.

Thug life is tough yo.

Second opening act: Annatasha Saifol!

On guitar: Syamee Shamsul with awesome hair.

She is joined by Ashley for a song.

Like so!

Clara and I beat the heat outside with a selfie.

After a screening of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the album…

…it was time for the live show.

Oh yes that’s Sheryl Goh, ex-vocalist for An Honest Mistake, back in town for a bit, so she was to sing a few songs.

Leonard Chua looks like he’s getting used to the idea of an acoustic guitar!

Tomas Tam was on guitar this time…

…as this guy whose name I did not get, took over bass duties.

She popped on stage and sang as if she didn’t go overseas to study at all.

One of the rare times when I can get a wide-angle shot with everybody on stage. Well, almost.

Darren Teh, frontman.

Uncharacteristically, without a guitar strapped around him, ready to spin around with the safety of double-locking straps.

And now, for some gratituous bokeh!

The big drum and the mallet.

This wasn’t all, of course.

Ashley, current female vocalist (where Darren is the male vocalist) comes on stage.

They both sing!

Darren regains his guitar by this picture.

Post-gig group shot!

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