Double Vision

So I watched The Two Of Us, a double-bill play consisting of two stories, Black and Silver and Chinamen. The former featured Ari Ratos in his usual bumbling routine (which could be funny for some, but his delivery is only 99% there) as a father on holiday with his wife and baby. Humor for the parents.

The latter featured Rashid Salleh and Joanna Bessey as a young couple inviting guests over for dinner. Problem was, the host invited a husband… and the hostess invited his wife and her new boyfriend. Chaos ensues as they try to keep the situation under wraps ala Frasier. The moment I saw the same actors playing the guests, I knew I was in for a fun ride, as Rashid effortlessly switches from inebriated estranged husband to forgetful host, and Joanna the worrying hostess and rapper! You’d know that two characters played by the same actor would never appear at the same time, so it was fun to see how they handled it, walking in and out doors.

It was also then that I realized how great these two were at comedy, especially timing. Joanna’s expression turns to worry naturally, unlike a lot of plays I’ve seen recently where it seems like they just flipped a switch to contort facial muscles. Rashid, like any other comedic actor, has his signature expressions that get people laughing, but he manages to pull more comedic weight in dialogue subtly.

Catch the last show this Sunday the 20th of August 2006, 3pm. Worth watching for the second story (if you’re not married with kids you probably can’t relate to the first story.)

Details here.

And now, for a double-bill of different sorts; two pictures to one category.

Flashing the steam.

This was at Bar-B-Q Sunway Pyramid. I always laughed at the cartoon dragon statue that stood outside the branch at 1 Utama’s Rainforest, whenever I used the escalator.

Underexposed skies; note what appears to be a little worker!

Somewhat macro.

Chopped sticks.


Suria KLCC rooftop.

Elevator shaft.

Fishes at the Sentul Koi Centre, Sentul Park.

Reach near and the koi will take you in.

Cat’s tails at Sentul Park.

Leaves at the exit.

I spotted this at the Bangsar LRT station.

Tracks! What could’ve dug up so much mud?

Satay in Kg. Baru.

Much respect for the dude, who is seen picking charcoal with his bare hands.

Motion blur is achieved with a slow shutter speed.

Pan around the object to make it look like it’s moving. Yes, the eagle statue was not moving!

7 thoughts on “Double Vision

  1. Waifon Post author

    I watched the play today and it got me cracked up so badly. It’s really funny. and oh, aren’t photographing in KLCC banned?
    I mean, no Gurkha guards came by and scream at your face cos I saw that every time someone whips out their camera and start snapping. Dah la your camera damn big- ass.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I took it from the lower ground floor, where photography was allowed. (It’s allowed on the ground floor as well.)

    My Canon Powershot A520 is not big-ass! For some reason people always think my camera is bigger than it is. It might be the lens adapter, or someone else’s camera that I was posing with. Similiarly, I don’t have sunglasses of my own.

  3. effa Post author

    I finally got around to linking u on that post from aaaaaages ago. kekek. 🙂
    btw, still waiting for those pix u took with the negative!!! and all other fotos of me in em!
    kindly send to me yah.. thank ya kindly! 🙂


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