Sunrise After Sunset

And now, for pictures from the second week of Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz & Rhythm Fest, 4th August 2006 and 5th August 2006.

Clockwise from top-left: Sunset on the way to Sunrise; refreshments are blown your way; William Quah the emcee is a star; question the toll.

Clockwise from top-left: Interesting halo cast by light; interesting shadow; Davina‘s hair looks so pretty in the light; spot the hot chicks.

Opening act that Friday – belly dancers.

After that was the first act, Cosmic Funk Express, but I already blogged about them here:

An Ode To Cosmic Funk Express, Part 1
An Ode To Cosmic Funk Express, Part 2

Jupiter@7 was up next.

The vocalist’s posture reminded me of Freddie Mercury somewhat.

…except that they didn’t play anything by Queen, but a few adult-oriented-radio covers. Where’s the Jazz? (Which is incidentally the name of a Queen album.)


Backing up on bass.

Clockwise from top-left: Organic organ; percussions; guest percussionist Justin Lim (for all you rabid fans out there); gee-tar!

After the show, the tables were lined up like an obstacle course. Grab the most flags while avoiding paintballs!

Saturday’s show started with Shelley Leong & Jazz Odyssey.

Come away with me.

Watch her play praise-worshipping angel…

…and fiery pop jazz diva.

Alda forgot the chords to this song.

Spot the difference! Teehee.

Stephanie is always hidden behind the drumset.

Nisha Tham on keyboard…

…with Shelley on percussion…

…and later versus Az Samad.

Az is always happy.

Ooo ooo ooo ooo! I remember the notes now!

Az: Kecoh lah mamat ni, blocking the view of chicks.

Speaking of which, Vignes shoots with his legs open, and Davina shows us that she’s enjoying herself.

Next up was John Thomas & Phunk Mob, with Wan of Alcentric shredding to jazz instead of metal.

Check out his MIDI keyboard skills. His left hand controls the tremolo and wah effects; he even played two-handed like Zack of Cosmic Funk Express does. Oh waitaminute, Zack should get one of these instead.

Julian has sax.

And oh boy does he look like he’s enjoying it.

There was also Noryn Aziz, hot chick…

…scatting along to the exact scattered bebop melodies the band was playing.

Oh, and of course, John Thomas, for the ladies.

Who’s your daddy? Jose Thomas, of course. 2004’s Jazz Fest saw him with Mia Palencia in a vocal showdown.

I’ve been ingrained to like funk-jazz, the exact style Phunk Mob plays, ever since the days of Sesame Street. Remember the animation of a pinball going through a pinball machine? I loved it. I loved the music. I loved the animation. I loved the complexity.

After it all, I bumped into Joyce The Fairy and friends at McDonalds, and this is the table she left behind. She insists that she did not drink.

What about the first week? Click here.

Pictures taken using my Canon Powershot A520 and my friend’s Panasonic DMC FZ20. All shots at ISO200, 1/60th of a second or faster, as bright an aperture as possible.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise After Sunset

  1. Sun Post author

    Hi. Nice Pics. i was there couple of nights. We know some musos in common. Vig was my junior. You play any music or only camera? Regards

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    ShaolinTiger: Thanks!

    Sun: I’ve been repeatedly drumming it in my readers’ heads that I play guitar, but it seems to submerge with the rest of my words. No "member" and no guitar with pickups so no band. 🙁

    What is your association with GruvAvenue?


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