Hardwarephile Meets Videophile

I’ve added 3 new Quotes!

Suggestive directness: “If you didn’t beat around the bush, I wouldn’t have wanted to know what lies behind it.”
Vain spotting: “Is it a small world, or are we getting too popular?”
Suggestive generosity: “Free rides on me!”

Here’s a continuation from my previous blog post about my new Geforce 4 and 19″ monitor!

I’m getting a better 6962 points (though my system is expected to get 5 digits) in 3D Mark 2001 Second Edition now. Updated my drivers and AGP drivers, but it’s still reported as a PCI card! Weird.

I’ve gotten myself a male-to-male (ooo…) RCA cable to connect my Geforce 4 to my VCR. Coolness! However, there are problems:
– the TV is a 14″ while my monitor is 19″. 😛
– the TV’s refresh rate is 30 Hertz while the monitor’s is 100 Hertz.
– the TV is mounted high above like a wall fan.
– the TV makes a noisier, high-pitched sound than the monitor.

The good parts:
– images are sharp, though text is not readable.
– the TV encoder in my Geforce 4 supports up to a resolution of 1024×768.
– if the views are cloned, the screen with the lower resolution (in this case the TV) can have a panned screen! That means moving the mouse from one corner of the screen to the other results in the TV’s view moving.
– I can record demos… literally! Now to get some blank VHS tapes for my VCR… 😉

2 thoughts on “Hardwarephile Meets Videophile

  1. dJcs Post author

    video cards these days make it too easy… been recording demos and my own game playing from my commodore 64 and amiga a1200 for over a decade already baby!


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