The Sky Was Blue

…now I am blue.

So these pictures will have to do.

I shall do this in the style of The Pink Frog, with some connectivity in the story.

Remember before the haze?

When you could spot Genting from near my house?

Where KL was clear? (This is Masjid Jamek.)

Colors were nicely saturated (okay so this doesn’t count because it’s indoors.)

Shooting with a polarizer through a car window gave the sky a cheery color!

Crossed polarizers gave Kingsley‘s yard a hint of purple.

But alas! A freakish square-shaped cloud was brewing!

We’re down, dude. No power, dude.

Birds were getting confused by this weather change. “Have you seen my flock?

Grab… my… branch… we… will… survive…

The next day, I found the skies amazingly blue upon coming up the KLCC PUTRA LRT station to take a bus to Bintang Walk. The haze hadn’t kicked in yet.

Finally, somebody appreciates me and doesn’t treat me like a Siamese twin!

Dude, I am your half-brother.

Yes, I was here a while, since the bus drivers were breaking fast and would only resume at 7:30pm.

Coca Cabana!

The Maxis Tower, with the eyelet, reminds me of Quake 1’s grenade launcher for some reason.

And this looks like the Thunderbolt/Lightning Gun, also from Quake 1.

For some reason this looks like it was shot on film.

Fujifilm should pay me. Maybe in ISO400 chrome film. Or a Fujifilm S3 UVIR, which can shoot infrared without modifications.

…or at least in mooncakes. I love mooncakes. This was shot on mooncake festival evening.

11 thoughts on “The Sky Was Blue

  1. Irene Post author

    I spent one Christmas with my family in KL once. It’s a very clean, very green, very nice country. Your photos made me reminisce about the pleasant time we had during our stay there. c"

  2. Irene Post author

    I spent Christmas with my family in KL some years back. Your beautiful photos brought back pleasant memories of our enjoyable vacation there. c"

  3. Pinkfrog Post author people will be thinking that i have some kind of blue sky fetish or something..oh no.. btw, nicely done man!!! love the over saturated skies..


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