Once again, pictures from the 12th October 2006 edition of Moonshine.

Tan Sei Hon, acoustic singer-songwriter.

Lightcraft, indie pop darlings.

Guess which band this is!

Yep, it’s Rhapsody, now with a funky soloing guitarist, funky-basslining-bassist, and Jimmy of Tempered Mental (not in picture).

Tragicomedy, singing songs from his album, Songs That Won’t Sell… which is ironically, (credible) pop rock songs that will sell.

My attempts to replicate the distortion of a wide 27mm lens, by doing the angle bit of it. (You can brag that your kit-lens-wearing Nikon d70s/Canon 350D does 18mm… but sir/maam, it’s 27mm after throwing in the crop factor.)

Stoned Revivals from Singapore plays funky jazz rock. Somewhat progressive, with very interesting chord progressions.

…though technically, he’s from Men Under Zero Effort, a Malaysian band, and he plays octave/fifth-ful basslines on guitar.

…so is this drummer, also from Men Under Zero Effort.

We (I always fail to identify who I went to a gig with but is it relevant?) were sitting inside, and were chased out at 2am as Laundry Bar was closing. Outside, we found this on a table. Seems like some people couldn’t wait. In case anyone wonders, it is not the prophylactic itself; it is a ring that clips on and vibrates for 20 minutes, with a sealed battery inside.

Just as soon as I thought I finished posting all the gig pictures, here comes another event:

What: Project Bazooka
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
Who: Dragon Red (my favorite Malaysian nu-metal band), Edge Of Fire (channels falsetto hard rock), Seven (funk/jazz fusion with saxophone)
When: 9:30pm, 19th October 2006
How Much: FREE ENTRY! Just buy me a drink. 😀

More details here.

Yes I’m going; I’ve never truly headbanged at Laundry Bar because there wasn’t anything really intense to mosh to, but Dragon Red is hard enough. *cracks neck*

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