15 Seconds Of Exposure

What can you do in 15 seconds?

Use a flourescent table lamp as a lightsaber, that’s what.


I used two lights for this; the lower lamp has a switch, and I turn it on and off with my toe. The flourescent lamp also has a switch.

  1. Turn on the lower lamp (tungsten lamps are instant).
  2. Run to camera on tripod.
  3. Turn on 10-second-timer.
  4. Press the shutter.
  5. Run back to lamps.
  6. Pick up flourescent lamp.
  7. Turn off tungsten lamp with toe.
  8. Turn on flourescent lamp and wait for it to start.
  9. Swing the flourescent lamp like a light saber (after the camera has opened its shutter).
  10. Turn off the flourescent lamp when you reach the end.
  11. Turn on the tungsten lamp with your toe (for about a second) and then turn it off.

The tungsten lamp should be pointed at your face.

Alternatively, if your camera has second-curtain flash/rear-sync flash (which means that the camera flashes after the 15 second exposure) you don’t need the tungsten lamp.

Swinging the flourescent lamp while it is starting has an interesting effect, too.

In other random linkage, there’s this awesome mash-up, where The Silence Xperiment has mixed 50 Cent‘s rapping with Queen songs. I’ve never been a fan of 50 Cent, but having Brian May shred in the background while 50 Cent raps has never sounded better. You get to download the entire album here:


Do check out the label covers too, they’re hilarious!

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  1. Fird Post author

    OMFG that Q-Unit cover is soooo QUeen’s Greatest Hits XD.. Brian May is in… I gotta listen to this! Thanks 😀


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