18th August 2014: BALLSY! An Open Mic Show #11, at Page 2, Publika. Here’s host and emcee Shaneil Devaser setting up the mike…

…for the first act, Az Samad & Kirsten Long!

She sang something about cats and misbehaving and valentines.

Benjamin took this picture.

This is new!

All pictures taken with my new Sony Alpha 7S and Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 without flash, and usually wide open. EXIF is also included so you can inspect the high ISO performance!


He hails from Tajikistan!

Ian Tai fills in for Sufiz who was missing. Interesting how his face and the character on his shirt are equally round.

Jes Ebrahim.

Bullet Murugan!

Alex Subryn (also featuring Bullet!)

Meanwhile, in the back, I spotted red, green and blue.

Bullet Murugan.

Ian Tai in his proper slot, Rick Roll-ing us.

Kim Lim, double-tapper. She covered Az Samad – Latah Setinggan with her own inflections!

Maha Jeffery.

A little blues and a cover of Jimi Hendrix – Red House. Yeah!

Shaneil Devaser ends the night.

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