More Than Meets The Eye

A long overdue post; Transformers!

Transformers Alternators Mirage, who is a Ford GT.

Mirage with Grimlock (who transforms into a 2006 Ford Mustang GT.)

And now, for some 1:18 scale knockoffs; a Toyota Celica and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX.

Toyota family, left to right: MR2, Supra, Celica, Land Cruiser

The knock-offs have more detachable kibble, and weapons that light up. Respect to them Chinese imitations!

Argh the light!

Back to originals: Transformers Cybertron Excellion (which is homage to Hot Rod) and Transformers Energon Powerlink Rodimus.

Excellion is a handsome robot, yes he is, next to clunky Rodimus.

I also found the rare Transformers Cybertron Soundwave. He even has a catridge-loading mechanism!

Stealth fighter jet, he now is.

His catridges transform into two weapons, and…


There are also mini versions of Excellion and Soundwave, with limited articulation, of course.

Hey I’m parking here!” (Mini Excellion in Transformers Alternators Sideswipe, a Dodge Viper, to mini Soundwave in Transformers Alternators Windcharger, a Honda S2000.)

The token cheesy fake-background shot.

Transformers Classics Astrotrain points his rifle at the Takara reissue of Astrotrain. (I thought this was the only Transformers Classics release worth getting so far.)

They both transform into space shuttles… (spot the rubsigns!)

…and trains! I prefer the original Astrotrain’s steam-engine train design though.

7 thoughts on “More Than Meets The Eye

  1. eyeris Post author

    funnily enough, i thought astrotrain was the only one NOT worth getting… hehe.

    but then, i only ended up getting Hot rod, Prime and Grimlock… will go back for Mirage and Bumblebee later, IF they are still around… :S:S

    oh, and those ‘knockoffs’ are apparently legit toys, caleld Roadbots apparently…

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Shit, Grimlock is out? Thank goodness I just got paid.

    Astrotrain is a triple-changer; that’s good enough for me! I also got Blitzwing. I felt that only the triple-changer reissues were worth getting.

    Yeah, they’re not exactly knock-offs since they don’t copy any moulds.

  3. ShadowFox Post author

    Yea dude, Happywell Roadbots, I didn’t bother with them.

    I have some alts and only 1 BT.

    Expensive hobby but recently splurged on some TF Classics.

    Luckily I managed to snag JetFire classics.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    bds888: 😀

    Wow!: The Transformers Alternators, Transformers Cybertron, Takara Transformers reissues and Transformers Classics can be found in Jaya Jusco, Metrojaya, Toys R Us etc. The Happywell Roadbots (knockoffs) are found in Toys R Us and Toycity.


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