He’s In Fashion

I was walking around Subang Parade once, and I bumped into April and Jaymee.

Hey Albert! We weren’t sure it was you! We were like looking from afar and wondering, ‘Is that him? I don’t remember him looking that scruffy…’

Well excuuuse me, I’m in fashion. No, literally. In fashion! In “In Fashion“!

From left to right: Nadya, me, Diane

Needless to say, I bought it. First time I was in a magazine! (Well okay, that’s not true.)

However, the rest of the magazine seemed to be a Sungei Wang catalogue. Which reminds me of this conversation:

Ahbert: Su Zhen aaa! Come to Moonshine on Thursday aaa! I dowan to look like the only Sungei Wang representative wor.
Su Zhen: But hor, Thursday hor, I’ve got plans already hor. 😛
Ahbert: Ya, lain kali je la beb. 😉
Su Zhen: Haha ewww, poyo giler! LOL ok bye. 🙂
Ahbert: Eleh sombong dah, lepak dengan Siti-Siti dan Anuar-Anuar yang femes dan sewaktu dengannya. Aku pun nak bla! Issh. Ambik kau.
Su Zhen: Oh my god laa aku ni masih ingat kampungku, bumi yang aku pijak ok. 🙂 Haha kidding la aiyo it’s not a big deal. 😛 Silly. Hey this weekend the ASTRO show is at Klang. Come come if you want? 🙂 Teehee.
Ahbert: KLANG?!? Alamak katak! Kau tau tak, kat sana mereka semua MAKAN BABI! Tak halal tu beb!!! Berdosa tau! Aku tak boleh la, aku jadi roadie Broken Scar kat Rock The World 7. Dapat crew tag tau, boleh lepak backstage. Fuwaa!
Su Zhen: FOCKER!! Oh macam tu laaa, kawan kawan dengan Brokenscar tu tak nak kawan dengan I la nih… Funkysocks pun bagus tau… ok la you pergi dengan kawan kawan you yang Berbrokenscar itu, lagi glamour. Hmph. Bye! LOL.
Ahbert: Memang pun. 😛 Jangan tak rock beb. Bai!!!
Su Zhen: Cis! Cheebye! 😛
Ahbert: You nii kan, lepak dengan budak Klang semua makan babi, tak baik tau! Baik ko bertaubat. Kalau sudah sesat jalan, baik kau tanya Mawi. Itu dia budak yang baik.
Su Zhen: Eh, kita semua lepak kat hotel ok, tak dibenarkan pergi keluar, I think so, don’t worry, takde babi kat hotel. 😛 Haha ok bye!
Ahbert: Fuhh lega aku. Orait cik manis! Gudnait!

* Su Zhen’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

It always cracks me up when a non-Muslim says “Maaakan baaabi“. 😀 You gotta say it in a most exaggerated manner.

In the meantime, more event pimping:

What: Moonshine: a homemade acoustic show
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
When: 9:45pm, Thursday 14th December 2006
How Much: Free entry, but if you see a hottie buy him/her a drink and maybe, write him/her a message on tissue paper. Just remember to get the waiter/waitress to point out who you are.
Who: Ferns, Flatline, Naked Breed, Stonebay

More details here.

What: Rock The World 7
Where: Stadium Merdeka
When: 3pm, Saturday 16th December 2006
How Much: RM25 per entry; first 5000 entries get a free Rock The World 7 T-shirt
Who: 50 artists over 3 stages

The full list and timetable is at http://www.rocktheworld.com.my. If one act is not your thing, walk to another stage! If that’s not your thing either, walk to another! How great is that?

I’ve had the Rock The World 4 shirt from long time ago, and it’s still good and bright. (I didn’t get to win the 5th and 6th shirt. 🙁 )

I’m going for Moonshine and Rock The World 7.

Oh, and if rock is not your thing, but you want to see local artistes (and if you think Funky Socks are hot):

What: Gegak Gemilang Astro
Where: Padang Pandamaran, Klang, Selangor
When: 9am-11:30pm, Saturday 16th December 2006
How Much: I think it’s free. Just say you’re a fan of Funky Socks. 😀
Who: Anuar Zain, Erra Fazira, Adibah Noor, Aznil Hj. Nawawi, Mawi, Zahid, Faizal, Vince, Farhan, Farah, Marsha, Idayu, annnd Funky Socks!

5 thoughts on “He’s In Fashion

  1. cynthia :) Post author

    Su Zhen has to be The crappiest name ive ever heard 😀 poor girl.

    btw i think Funky Socks are hot. i’m going for the Gegak Gemailang Astro. thanks for the tip! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Awww kesian the girl. Su Zhen is hot lah. If not why I ask her.

    WAH bestnya! Take pictures of them performing, yo. At least you’re not in the hotel, you can go wtf-ing and BKTing with Evie LOL.

  3. cynthia :) Post author

    HAHA ohh yess i do miss Evie and all the crappy joy she brings with. maybe i’ll get her to come watch the Gegak Gemilang Astro too. and we’ll bersama sama groupie for the Funky Socks. woo hoo! *pompoms*


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