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Tech and gadgets blogger Albert Ng said he was not affected by the disruption because his weblog was in a local server.

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Yes yes, that’s me. And yes, my site is hosted in Malaysia, so the pictures will still load quickly.

And to live up to that uh… title, I’ll share a trick I discovered recently. 😀

How to take closer macro shots with an SLR without attaching anything in front or detaching anything

People with point-and-shoot digital cameras can always brag that their cameras can go as close as 5cm (or some, 1 or even 0cm!)

Meanwhile, SLR lenses usually only focus until 45cm on average.

You can, however, have somewhat-macro. How?

– if you have a zoom lens, set it to full wideness (to get more depth-of-field)
– change to manual focus and focus as close as possible
– choose the darkest aperture (e.g. F22)
– use the flash if needed (since at F22, your shutter speeds would be much slower)

The object may look blur so press the depth-of-field button to have a closer idea what it will look like. (This is not applicable on Nikon D40 and D50 dSLRs, heh.)

If you get a shadow from the lens, just hold out your hand above the object to reflect the light onto it. 😀

The ruler was held to the front of the lens. Shot at 20mm focal length (accidentally creeped up from 18mm), with the Sony 18-70mm kit lens which can only focus till 38cm near.

And now, for something completely different.

An acoustic gig in the best acoustic gig place there is in town – No Black Tie! That beautiful, romantic, wood-panelled place.

What: NBT Acoustic Countdown
Who: Rhapsody, Zalila Lee, Shanon Shah, The Sofa Sessions, Reza Salleh, Isaac Entry, Rizal Hefni, Hishamuddin Rias
Where: No Black Tie. Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, KL. ( Jalan Mesui is situated behind Istana Hotel, which is situated on Jalan Raja Chulan) Call 03 214 23737 for bookings.
When: 9:30pm, 30th December 2006
How Much: RM20

6 thoughts on “Close To You

  1. Mei Ying (Mei la) Post author


    Say what again? Too many technical terms la brader, yet NICE SHOT

    Happy new yr 2007! May the yr of 2007 brings most out of it for you and your family

    p/s: I want my picture…ahhhhchooo!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Mei Ying: I’ll chuck it in the file server. Remind me in the office!

    Pinkfrog: It must’ve been Debbie! They didn’t ask me how I was to be described.

    ShaolinTiger: That defeats the "not detaching anything" condition. 😛 Also, Nikon DX lenses and Sony lenses close apertures when not attached so that complicates things.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    leech: Er, thanks!

    Debbie called as I slept through the afternoon. It was her that told me about the earthquake.

    I did call her back to add "perhaps international sites would consider having local mirrors". However, I understand that for the sake of brevity, comments about sympathy could be left out.

    I did feel bad that one of the first thoughts that came to mind was "oh no, RAM prices go up again!"


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