Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall (September Edition)

25th September 2014: Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall (September Edition) at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Here’s returning rock band Relent!

Love their classic 90s anthemic rock sound!

Then came shredder Kelvyn Yeang!

Finally got to see his red Solo Bomb pedal in action!

He was also selling his solo album, Bunnies At The Carnival, which sounds just like its title. Awesome instrumental stuff with some songs where he sings as well. The disc even includes some backing tracks for guitarists to shred along to! Needless to say, I got myself a copy.

Another returning band: Car Crash Hearts!

Completely new lineup…

…besides Collin the frontman.

Ryan the everywhere stickman.

Darren Teh, organizer, emcee, and guitarist! This is the handsome, handsome Dean Z Straight-Six. Neckthrough body and the handsomest shape ever. The Dean Dave Mustaine Zero series also uses this shape, with the same headstock.

A surprise guest vocalist! Eve Oh, who I’d not seen in ages!

Collin sings along.

She’s all biker chick now.

She used to be in An Honest Mistake with Darren, playing guitar and singing.

Diandra Arjunaidi!

Cool sax.

Cool shades.

Cool eyes.

Cool guitar, on Infiltrate.

I remember this band, when it was called Infiltrated, from the days at Paul’s Place. They bring me back to the days of the sounds of Deftones.

He remembers me too!

Sara G, on guest screams.

Natalie on bass.

I like how metally menacing he looks.

The crew.

Beautiful Schecter Diamond Series Hellraiser guitar.

Sepet Vernz and her funky hair.

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