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Despite my accidentally non-conformist nature, I am really deep down inside, a conformist. I want to fit in!

However, I have decided to skip this year’s celebration of commercialism. Hmmm, commercialism. That word makes me sound like a whiny cynic grouching over every celebration where there is money to be made. But hey, making money is cause for celebration!

‘sides, how do I top Hannah Sarah Tan?

(From last year’s blog post.)

I still remember when I first saw Hannah Sarah Tan hannah t‘s Christmas CD in a magazine shop. I bought a 100 Plus canned drink, and noticed her CD going for RM18 (I think.) Wow. Without realizing, I gave the cashier two RM10 notes!

On a lighter note, there’s Andrea Veronica Fonseka (who refuses to rebrand herself Andrea F.) I can attest to seeing her in a bikini before that infamous picture, and she was certainly did not look like that then. Must be the rich food over there.

Watch out kids, 81% of hand-foot-mouth disease transmissions happen on February 14th. So stay home and avoid the plague!

Then again, if you can top being a top model, now-famous blogger model, hot dancer or car model… or you have a different, unique angle to sell, give me a buzz and I might haul my ass out.

In other news, spot me in the February 2007 issue of KLue. Sorry Davina, I beat you to it. 😛

Anyway, now for some pimping.

What: Singles Night Out
Where: KL Jam Asia, Desa Sri Hartamas
When: 7:30pm registration, Thursday 15th February 2007
How Much: Free entry!
Who: Hot chicks who probably have a thing for rocker-looking guys. And of course, rocker-looking guys, because that’s where they hang out – KL Jamasia.

More details here.

What: Project Bazooka (also a Single’s Traffic Light party)
Where: The Curve, Laundry Bar
When: 10pm, Thursday 15th February 2007
How Much: Free entry!
Who: Bittersweet, Lightcraft, Kluk Kluk Adventure

Oh, and I gotta quote this from their site:


DRESS IN GREEN = I’m available. It’s quite straightforward. Go for it.
DRESS IN ORANGE = Hurry up! Faster! Time is running out!
DRESS IN RED = Break the rules… wink
DRESS IN PURPLE = I’m “Grimace”, from McDonald’s, not Barney, or Brinjaw.

How many Pinkpaus does it take to change a lightbulb?

Boys and girls, not knowing where to celebrate commercialism? Take your loved one out to one of Pimppau’s Pinkpau’s V-day recommendations.

5 thoughts on “All You Need Is

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Yeah man britrock goodness! I probably will go for the KL Jam Asia thing (since Alda and Debbie keep bugging me about it) and then see who’s heading over to The Curve and hitch a ride with them.


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