Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall FINALE

23rd October 2014: Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall FINALE at Laundry Bar, The Curve. Here’s a sign that Halloween is near!

Thanks to Darren of An Honest Mistake Records, emcee and organizer, who hooked me up with a little job – to shoot the finale of this series, in exchange for some Vans swag. I had come full circl triangle, looking the part of the hipster.

First act of the night: Daiyan Trisha!

Every act was a full band setup.

Gotta love them quilted maple top guitars.

I love how the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro Edition renders gigs, with a slightly soft vignetting.

Second act was the transformed Talitha Tan!

She now had a bassist!

She was all-out rocking instead of acoustic rocking!

She must’ve told Raja Farouque to unleash the shredder within, and he did.

Collin, guest emcee.

Two uh, random girls in the audience were asked to sing. They blew the audience away!

Random dude asked to do a metal pig squeal.

Talitha and the very limited first edition of her first single, Sigh. I have one such copy, before it received a proper CD label and was properly burnt as an audio CD.

Here’s how you know you have the first edition – it is mistakenly burnt as a data CD.

In other news, her second song is named Okay. I propose the third to be Whatever. So Sigh, Okay, Whatever.

Flare on the 50mm!

The very yeng Michael Leaner.

The Marquee!

7-string 90’s rock goodness.

More flare.

Cool Vans T-shirt.

Last band of the night…


Real punk rock. Not pop-punk. Has some pretty good rhythm variation within songs, too, so you’re not feeling punk lethargy.

That there are Transformers factions within is super cool.

Oh and before I forget, all the drummers! In sequence from left to right, then top to bottom.

Talitha’s first ever full band.

Farouque and Misgive.

More pictures are here!

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