KL Jamasia‘s Anniversary, 24th March 2007.

Ask Me Again to get a new guitar strap.

Strobes and a slow shutter speed and a fair bit of panning to make the most of it.

Stonebay, grunge revival at its best.

I’ve gotta shoot more like these.


N. Rama Lohan, charismatic frontman of Crosstown Traffic.

Wong Lip Kee shreds to the band’s classic rock/heavy metal tendencies.

Teeth solo!

Again, they played Cream – White Room. Classic rock headbanging goodness!


Indka packs a ferocious punch.

Featuring Natalie who is soon on her way to become a band slut!

Beat The System, nu-metal and proud of it.

Despite that, Sam is very much old-school; he does a fantastic windmill headbang.

Hot chick photographer!

V3, a new band whose guitarist teaches Alda a solo or two.

Oh you mean like this?

Featuring Jamasia’s very own owner, Velan! Ojee on vocals does a rocking cover of The Doors – Roadhouse Blues.

…who later gets fed a birthday cake by his proud father.

International Groove Collective, funk, soul, R&B and jazz. I think.

Cuuute keyboardist!

I know I’m growing older when I have an uncle-like urge to pinch people’s cheeks.

Carbolic Smokeballs end the set with heavy metal!

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