Sing a song right here

It’s that time of the year again. Singer Songwriters’ Round at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall, 18th May 2007!

Featuring lounge lizard Shanon Shah

And (from left) Pete Teo the folker, Mei Chern the uh… singer songwriter, and Ariff Akhir the acoustic uh… crooner.

It was then that I found out that The Sofa Sessions were no more! I will miss their superb, groovy bass player.

The next day, I ended up there accidentally again. This time around, was Jerome Kugan (who sounds every bit like Morrissey, but they can’t do covers at Singer Songwriters’ Round so I can’t ask for Ask or something.)

Then there was Reza Salleh (who stole my shot for his Myspace and now Channel V’s AMP), Pete Teo the sombre, Azmyl Yunor the folk rocker.

(Yeah, this one. Click.)

It’s alright, I’ve only made like 23 copies of your CD for my friends.

I swear, everyone was trying to outdo themselves in sounding sombre. Yin! notes that Pete was playing the slower version of his songs. His vocal vibrato (please correct me if I use the wrong musical term) wasn’t as obvious this time.

Thank goodness the performers were relatively still; I used the beercan lens on these, and the softie combo later.

Only Azmyl had a smile on his face. I think he looked rather… Kermit-like.

OPEN MIKE NOW, YEAH! No more sad songs!

Rina and her happening Rooftop song. She had the most kickass woman voice. I loved how the softie lens made their jeans glow!

Good voice, rather soft though.

Izzy and her Pelan-G. Heehee!

George Wong the emo punk rocker gets all acoustic with his Friendster Song, which was a hit with the older-looking crowd.

Mia Palencia, powerhouse of jazz vocals.

Zalila Lee, who tried to sneak in a cover song. Clever.

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