Urban Sunset with Crinkle Cut and The Maha Jeffery Band

14th January 2015: Urban Sunset with Crinkle Cut and The Maha Jeffery Band.

Urban Sunset starts at sunset…

…with two bands, performing two alternating 45 minute sets.

First act: acoustic loungey Crinkle Cut!

Ashley’s cute bunny tail.

Second band…

The Maha Jeffery Band!

Malcolm starts on cajon.

What a lovely finish on the guitar!

During the second set for Crinkle Cut, Kelly Siew was invited to sing along. Here she is saying “no no no no no” to Melissa (who is fond of that phrase.)

Frances with Kelly.

Not sure who is taller!

In previous gigs, they’d cover Musiq Soulchild – Sunny (Just Friends) and I noticed that the chord progression was very much like Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay. I’d been bugging them to hear that song and cover it… and they finally did! So here’s their medley… with a twist! It not only included both songs but started with Bobby Hebb – Sunny. I liked how Frances further broke up the rhythm of Sly’s already broken up funk vocals.

Then came The Maha Jeffery Band’s second set, with Malcolm now on drums.

Meanwhile, outside, a tug of war was happening.

These guys are old-school blues rockers!

Fast-forward to the 28th of January 2015.

Yup, same lineup!

This is how a sound engineer gets in the mix.

Diggin’ Ashley’s new hair.

Crinkle Cut takes their themes seriously.

Foreground becomes bokeh, seriously.

Sound engineers, imbalanced.

I worry about other things, like picking the right white balance for pictures. I shoot RAW so I can deliberate on this, but I usually end up picking an in-between that shows the most color tones e.g. I will dial it so there is an equal amount of blue and orange on the primary subject.

Sometimes though, I may keep a bit of warmth or crop more.

This picture had a fair amount of green versus magenta in the background. Picking the middle allows both parts to appear separate.

Another two-tone white balance (you can tell from the face.)

This picture is just here for the pretty guitar!

Fast-forward to 11th February 2015.

Melissa and sexy hair!

Alright, who played a wrong note?

Their on-stage camaderie is always amusing. They have fun!

Guess the theme this time.

I thought this was Darren Teh at first! What a doppelganger.

Simmy watches intently.

The Maha Jeffery Band’s lineup is a bit different today. A few musicians in the audience, had their eyes lit up when the KORG SP-280 appeared!

I’m liking the “Protect saturated colors” slider in DxO Optics Pro; it makes for a consistent color tone even as luminance varies.

Same here.

This band plays quite a few Jimi Hendrix covers with a few tweaks.

I discovered a Sony E-mount lens cap/ashtray!

Grace Cho (left) and Adrienne.

How should the poster communicate that two bands play on an Urban Sunset night? Interesting question. Meanwhile I’m just posting this to say that I took that picture of Talitha!

Raja Farouque’s sister was in town and she got an assortment of cake!

Grace Foo models the before part of a shampoo ad…

…and the after.

Those two pictures above, and this GIF, were taken by Simmy.

Yes, this Simmy. Picture taken by Melissa ‘bokeh’ Wong!

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