Fisheyes Are Fun

…And you must believe that.

The great ladysnaker Paolo Delfino Gomez.


Albert discovers that to a fish(eye) lens, he looks like a penguin.

The standard expression when chicks find out I have washboard abs. (Thanks Xian Jin for this shot!)

When I remove the rear element of the fisheye, I get macro. Xian Jin shot this.

2.5 second exposure. Such insane slow shutter speeds are helped by the wideness of the lens and Super Steady Shot on my Sony A100. In case you’re wondering, this is the Peleng 8mm F3.5 M42 mount fisheye, with an adapter to fit on my camera.

The Yin and I.

I love Pennypupz‘s expressions. Cute and pinchable. Note that Calvin did the same expression!

Stim-girl and I.

Kingsley and brothers (and me, of course, Ramli Burger enthusiast) having Ahkua Burger in Ampang. Happy Belated Birthday!

Just clowning, dude. Should’ve got closer. Way closer.

Klang-ite protects her dear laptop from the evil charms of the fisheye…

…but she is drawn to it.

smashpOp and Jenifur and a Sony HVL-F56AM wireless flash.

For some reason I prefer the jump upside-down. He looks like he’s doing a handstand.

Silhoutte-fisheye jump.

Penny and me again. Bounced flash never looked better.

After the Nuffnang Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 screening. Spot the Sweaty One, the Moley One and the Camwhorey One.

I should stop sticking my hand out so far by reflex when camwhoring with the fisheye.

Okay, so this is a crop. Gotta love Slinky and Fazri‘s expression.

Whoa, what is that down there?

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