Dotters’ Division Over Two Years

22nd November 2014 Lot 36: Dotters’ Division with guest singer Faz Anam! Or at least that is what the poster says, never mind that Faz is actually a guitarist, and her name is actually Faz Aznam. Because of this poster, we’d been cajoling her in the days leading to this gig to sing (and we also lovingly called her Ah Nam, a running joke from when her name was misspelt the same way at No Black Tie!) Also, that’s a picture I took of Dotters’ Division, ever willing to strike a photogenic band pose!

The band, sans Audrey the saxophonist.

Rebecca has a new style and we dig it.

Jie Er/Joey gets to play a lot of bass lines.

Linet on keyboards leads the band.

To her left is Faz.

A birthday boy!

Melissa the powerful vocalist, who also does guitar duty.

They also covered Faz’s song, Hurt, with her on vocals. I’d normally hear a stripped-down version with her other band, Calico. Super glad to hear Faz sing it!

Fast-forward to 17th January 2015, also with Dotters’ Division! So I blogged about 2014 and 2015 in one post, making this span 2 years!

Rebecca’s got a ponytail now!

Yes we’re all excited to see the return of…

…Audrey the saxophonist and occasional bearer of shaky things that make noise!

The band showed her how much they missed her…

…by caringly placing her sneakers in appropriate locations.

I did, too, with this. (She didn’t know until she got home – had I owned up then, she might not have introduced me to her mom!)

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