Fireflies Acoustic Gig (Yes there is a pun)

The Fireflies acoustic gig 31st May 2007, also titled “Tell your boss you went to pick up his Persian cat from the pet motel and… wait, what do you MEAN you don’t have a cat?” featured Yu-Ri and Vostok-1.

On my softie lens combo.

Flirting With Sleep, some trippy Bjork-y industrial new-wave-y stuff. I think. I have no idea. It was awesome.

Yes, with Lipei on vocals!

These guys are hardly acoustic. But then, Yu-Ri and gang didn’t get the idea either.

Paolo Delfino gets the idea, and plays acoustic. Not like he wasn’t before.

Alaling featuring the cuuute doorstop Ching!

Her pennyless acoustic guitarist.


Her voice would be discussed at the mamak later. “Her voice so nice lah. I damn shy lah lucky I sang before her.

Some jazzy bits over soulful tunes.

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