Feedback Open Mic ft Kenta Hayashi & Darren Ashley @ The Bee Publika / February 2015 Edition

25th February 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Kenta Hayashi & Darren Ashley @ The Bee Publika / February 2015 Edition. Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer!

First up: Cheryl & Gabriel.

Aalex Termizi.

Isaac & Anatasha.

Az Samad.

Kirsten Long.

Peter & Markiza.

Peter Hassan Brown just released his album, Blues.

I got one, because my picture was used on the back cover with my permission, and credited to me, too! The album is, to my non-sound-engineer ears, well-produced, and has amazing clarity. I like how Peter sounds far more cynical and observant, his biting lyrics and social commentary cutting through the mix. It’s something I am aware of when I see him live singing about open mics and about activist stuff, but it’s just clearer on the CD for some reason.

Here’s the original, straight from JPG (I’d normally upload the RAW-processed one, but Peter got the JPGs that I passed to Az Samad the same night at his Open Mic @ The Venue #8 – Hosted by Az Samad.)

His wife, Markiza, who he affectionately calls in public, wife.

First featured act, Darren Ashley, is a good schoolboy.

He invites a random member of the audience to make a random sound that will be used in a looper song!

Crazy electropop.

Second featured act, Kenta Hayashi.

Amazing fingerstyle harmonics and sounds, complemented with a looper!

After him was The SXS, who I missed.

Spooky Wet Dreams.

Saved By The Belle.

The crowd that came to support them!

The Message.

I loved that Jack White fuzz sound that Syakir got blaring out of his guitar!

The Backseat Affair.


Riki, Kenta & Az Samad.

Reza came up for a freestyle jam, to which he rapped.

Fikri Azam.


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