XX And XX Is XX Cubed

The set up: Me and my friend sitting at a table at McDonalds, KL Sentral.

She: So, right, I have this friend, let’s call her Jenny. She confessed her feelings for me! So uuugh. “Remember the time we were in the karaoke, and I groped your boobs?

Me: WOW! What does she look like? Do you have her picture?

She: No, but she’s quite pretty lah. Sporty looking. Quite toned.

Me: Hot damn, you should set us up. Who knows, she might dig my long hair and pallid complexion. Plus I have an emo look.

She: Please lah. I am damn scared of her already. She freaks me out, you know. She’s been begging me. “C’mon, you haven’t tried it before, who knows you might like it? Besides, you have plenty of bisexual friends…

In between conversation, she was watching me finish the Rubik’s Cube. She did not blink the entire time.

Later, I went over to KLCC, and she sent me a message.

OMG guess what! Jenny messaged me! She said, I saw you in KL Sentral. So that’s where you’ve been.

Shit, there goes my chance of meeting her hot friend. How ironic! She was in the vicinity!

Many months later.

She: Oooh remember Jenny? I met her!

Me: Ooooh ooooh! Where how what when?

She: Another friend said she wanted to meet me up. So I went to Secret Recipe expecting the other friend… but it was Jenny instead.

Me: HOT DAMN! She set you up! Cunning(lingus!)

She: Yeah! So I told her I had to study, and so I sat there and started revising. She just sat there and looked at me the whole time!

Me: I’m guessing she’s just happy to see you. Just to look at you. To be in your presence!

She: Uh… yeah. And you know what? She brought out a Rubik’s Cube!

Me: HOT DAMN! The original one? With a sticker that says 25th Anniversary?

She: Yes yes that one!

Me: I can’t even find it anymore! They used to stock it in Toys R Us in Malaysia but I can’t find it anymore!

She: Yeah! So she said, “You really like this, right? I bought this for you.

In between laughing at how Seinfeld-ish this whole situation was, I thought her gesture was really, really sweet.

* Conversation might have been exaggerated, after all no names were named.

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