An Honest Mistake Records Presents: Discovery Thursday (March 2015)

12th March 2015: An Honest Mistake Records Presents: Discovery Thursday (March 2015) at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

First up, a band of smartly-dressed dudes.

Calling Relevance.

Emcee and organizer Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake Records!

He introduced the next band, which had one very cool, desirable Korg RK-100S keytar.

The band?


This is another cool instrument – a neck-through Dean guitar in Classic White. I’d never seen one so pure in whiteness – Dean’s brand for me is all about Dimebag Darrell. I had to look it up before remembering Dave Mustaine also shreds on Dean guitars.

I finally got to see Jie Er’s other band!

Jo-Ling and her 37 keys of coolness.

I made the mistake of looking up how much this costed – it seemed quite affordable to me, for someone who doesn’t know how to read sheet music. I know the theory but I can’t read it quickly, and I don’t know my scales when not in C major/A minor.

I then looked up the price of the Roland AX-Synth and found it to be twice the price for 12 more keys, or one more octave! The KORG, however, has smaller than normal keys, which might help. I also considered that a 24-fret 6-string guitar has the equivalent of a 49-key keyboard in range, but it’s not as if keytars don’t have an octave shifter. How practical this is in use however, I don’t know.

I’d been toying with the idea, since I love the sound of a synthesizer with a big fat 80s tone, and I also love the idea of creating chords using the keyboard layout (as opposed to a guitar). My guitar and bass hang on a double-neck guitar stand to the side of my computer, and I’d love to be able to just pull up a keytar from the side and jam on it out of boredom, without it taking up space permanently on the table. Heck, I could even play it strapped around my neck!

And now, for a video.

Ray Cheong, blues/soul/fingerstyle extraordinaire.

His acoustic guitar sat there regally.

Bo Amir Iqram joined for a song and a tasty jam!

The final act of the night…

Joey Tong! She jumps and dances all over the stage.

So I finally got to see her in an electric setup with a full band.

Funky basslines.

This hipster can shred!

The familiar John!

Uptown funky walk!

Surprise jam with Darren on bass!

I’d not seen Bo on drums.

Rap freestyle.

Ray joins in, too!

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