In The 50’s

I finally got to use the Seagull 50mm F1.8 MD lens I bought ages ago on a SLR – the Minolta X300.

Walking around with a 50mm lens on film, you’d be more likely to strike gold.

Sitting, waiting.

Just did it. Heehee! (They stole my idea!)

No number for you sorry! Such an abundant emerald tinge would only be hinting at one film – Fujifilm Superia. This was the ASA400 variety.

The silver-bodied X300 seemed less threatening, too.

One of the days when everything goes wrong. Yes, I walked from Bangsar PUTRA LRT to Midvalley Megamall, which is how I got this shot.

Guitar! Minor bright-line bokeh seems to be the norm of the average 50mm.

Also, due to the larger 35mm format, you get less depth of field.

3 thoughts on “In The 50’s

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    The Vivitar 75-205mm F3.5-4.5 K-mount with 2x matched teleconverter on the Pentax P30t.

    The Vivitar 28-70mm F3.9-4.8 MD-mount on the Minolta X300.

    The Minolta 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 A-mount on the A100 (barely, anyway.)

    Psst! You should be testing slide with the Canon 17-40mm F4L!

  2. lionel Post author

    I used to walk from Abdullah Hukum (one station away from Bangsar) to MidValley whenever I felt like it. It’s a nice short walk.


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