Panic Bird Is The Word

11th April 2015: Guiness Amplify Curates Froya’s Panic Bird Launch, at The Bee, Publika! Here’s the emcee.

First opening act, Rozella.

Her band.

Next: Jumero, featuring Jared…


…and Ryan.

+2db, with an alternate lineup, adding Ali Aiman and Eng Hooi. Eng Hooi has a thing for crashing the 2-member bands like Halfway Kings.

The songbird Froya!

Ivan on lead guitar.

Horn section.

She brought on Zalila, who was part of the early journey.

Melina, too!

Ann Na is all like pew pew.

If you’re wondering what’s with the noise – my Sony Alpha 7S was in repair and I had to make do with my Sony Alpha 99, which now feels dated at ISO6400.

Grace of Fazz and QG!

The Froya bunny. (Edited, thanks Melinya for the heads up!)

My tablemates won the rare USB drive edition of the album!

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