Feedback Open Mic ft Brendan de Cruz & Castera @ The Bee Publika / April 2015 Edition

28th April 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Brendan de Cruz & Castera @ The Bee Publika / April 2015 Edition. Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee, organizer, and first open micer of the night!

Next up: Tiah Ridhwani.

Backed by the megawatt-smiling Fazz on guitar.

Anatasha remembers me!

For that, I will remember you.

Middle Sons.

So I was taking pictures when I was interrupted by a challenger!

She was then defeated by this wanderer from Japan.

A wide-eyed wanderer, indeed.

Pictures above by Jia Wen, except the picture of Jia Wen, by me.

Yvonne flips her hair back.

Next band seemed to forget something. They Forgot Jasmine.

David Soh.

Edited: Mikhail Raiyan.


I was really drawn to the deep army green of this guitar!

Another draw – Illuminannnati.

First featured act…


Repertoire in Japanese.

Featuring two familiar sisters; Yvonne Chong…

…and Sharon Chong. Faz is hiding in the back.

Sharon was wearing a shirt with this cool design – you’ll first notice the triangle (symbol of the hipster), then the eyes below it, then the sideways mouth, then the V-neck collar he is wearing.


The Filters.

What is it with bands that can sit around and wait for their turn to get on stage but not think about tuning their guitars while waiting?

Brendan James de Cruz.

Awesome voice, awesome guitar.



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