Pop That Cherry! Launch Party & Concert

1st May 2015: Pop That Cherry! Launch Party & Concert.

It was also Fabien’s birthday, but there shall be no pictures of him, since he went past his alcohol consumption threshold.

First band I managed to catch was the djentle Deumuseth.

8 strings of djent.

Vocals straight from hell.

Bullseye Pub & Restaurant shifted their stage to the other side, allowing for a bigger area!

The emcee.

Beatrice presents a dance!

To the sound of Marilyn Manson.

Pink Acid.

Awesome hair metal!

No life till leather!

Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, the works.

A little harmonica for Aerosmith – Cryin’.

Ending the night was the surprise acoustic version of Dragon Red.

Adam has always a commanding stage presence with his unique look. Sure, he’s got peak beard, but he does it better.

Camero on bass. Brandon took over drums, but went back to guitar for acoustic duty, as Amil could not make it.

Slyde had to go, so Adam did the rap bits and the deejay scratches, too.

Here they are, doing an acoustic version of their single, Child’s Play.

Funky helium balloons.

That big birthday card/placard.

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