BuskStop with Back2Basixx

10th May 2015: BuskStop with Back2Basixx, hosted by Hameer Zawawi, at Quill City Mall.

I also came in time to shoot this metal standee before it would be carted away – I took that picture of Otam from an open mic.

Yup, this one.

Anyway, here are the boys of this vocal harmony group! We’ll start with Devon.

Brendan with the red cap.

Daryll on guitar.

Sometimes, Christian Theseira takes over guitar. Other times, he is mistaken for John Legend.

In the middle with the manbun is Kyle.

They pulled up random people in the crowd to sing along. Here, Kelly Siew just happened to be such a random person! Damn cute when she dresses all hip-hop because she doesn’t sing hip-hop.

These guys in the back in black are rappers. Didn’t get to see their collaboration, though.

Naz at the back, just fiddling around.

This random act was walking past when Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River was sung, and he started grooving infectiously. I suppose they came from some talent competition going on in the middle.

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