Here is a medley of gigs from May. 7th May 2015: Bricks & Barrels, Desa Sri Hartamas. Didn’t get this band’s name.

Cool staircase though.

9th May 2015: Brendan James de Cruz busking at Publika until his D and G string broke!

I then headed to The Bee, Publika, where Amoura was the opening act.

These guys have a rocking sound.

Nice green guitar!

Vocalist Carolyn.

They were the opening act for The Bee Publika’s Lot 36 act…

Dotters’ Division. Here’s Linet the boss.

Melissa the fabulous. I like how they did a bit more 90s this time, with Sugar Ray – Every Morning and Alanis Morissette.

Bubbly Rebecca.

Jie Er the emo rock star.

Audrey Then superstar.

14th May 2015: The Barlai Open Mic #1, at Barlai, Jalan Sin Chew Kee.

Here’s Greg Ramanado! I didn’t photograph the rest, though.

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